I used to do stand-up comedy. I was so funny that I’m now doing a podcast focused on global crises and American foreign policy.

There are plenty of people more qualified than me to be talking about this stuff. That said, I suppose I’m more qualified than most. I’ve been in the US military for 12 years, mostly deploying with special operations units. Of less relevance, I’ve also spent significant chunks of my life as a firefighter, prison chaplain, private security trainer and nightclub bouncer. Other fun facts: I lived in my truck out of necessity for the better part of two years and I was at the World Trade Center during 9/11. Those two things are not related.

I write at Medium and Havok JournalI’m currently chasing a Master’s Degree in History and working on a collection of interconnected short stories. I’d like to be a lot more accomplished than I am, but I waste a lot of time being a mediocre jiu-jitsu player and muttering at the face in my bathroom mirror.

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