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Oskar Gorzynski is a foreign affairs correspondent with Wirtualna Polska. He is also a contributor at The Daily Beast. He is based out of Warsaw, Poland and he’s more than worth following on Twitter @Oskargie. We had a great 45-minute talk that was all set to be a dynamite podcast, but I fucked up the audio. So it’s gonna have to be a dynamite article instead. I wanted to talk to Oskar after hearing about the threats made against him for describing Russia as an “aggressor” in an article for WP. And I appreciated Oskar’s insights on the Kerch Strait incident, but he was great to talk to on any number of issues. Due to time restraints, we were only able to touch on the wavetops of other current issues in Poland, Ukraine and Europe in general. But I don’t plan for this to be the last time Oskar and I talk.

Marlon Muir: Okay, so listen, Oskar, I know it’s the end of the workday for you and you’ve been on the cutting edge of a huge story, so thanks for taking the time.

Oskar Gorzynski: My pleasure.

MM: So, I’m scrolling down through the top news stories on Twitter right now. Obviously, some of this is going to be skewed towards US-focused stories but what I’m seeing is…Mexico’s going to give Jared Kushner some high award; there’s a guy who had a heart attack after the Hawaii missile alert went off by mistake; there’s some guy named Young Busco who died in his sleep; there’s the El Chapo trial…

OG: I haven’t heard about any of this. Something with Jared Kushner…?

MM: Yeah, right, which is sort of interesting. But what I’m not seeing is any news here about the Russian attack on the Ukrainian ship at Kerch Strait. No stories about that at all. It’s not like it’s not being covered somewhere by somebody. You and I met on Twitter because of this story and, obviously, there are many people talking about this on Twitter but the fact is that this isn’t registering as high as you would think. What’s your read on this? Why isn’t this gaining traction? Why is this story not spiking the way it should?

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