The Thanksgiving Week SITREP


OK, the top story of the week — are the Russians really about to take over Interpol? Crazy if true…

And it’s not like Russia isn’t already hyperactive in Europe. There are some who wonder if WWIII will start in Ukraine. And we’re pretty sure Russia hasn’t stopped using CBRN weapons. In anticipation of heightened warfare, Russia is already forming a drone-jamming force. Then, there’s the straight-up spy stuff: an Austrian colonel has been spying for Russia for years. Learn more about Austria’s history as a spy colony here. And remember all those hacks from Macedonian teenagers? Turns out Russia has penetrated the Macedonian military and security services. Oh, and the FSB has been targeting Ukrainian SBU officers’ wives for recruitment. Lastly, thanks for Obama and Trump, we let Moscow back into the Middle East. Now, Moscow is hosting Taliban peace talks. Our response has been to consider asking AFG to suspend its presidential election in order to broker a political breakthrough.

Closer to home, this man is trying to run Russia’s newest propaganda effort in the US. While we’re speaking about Russian propaganda, never forget: Wikileaks is a front for Russian intelligence. Understanding this is a key determinant between a pro and a civilian (oh, and while we’re at it: this is what False Flag terrorism is. And isn’t). Here’s the latest in the Facebook debacle regarding state actors and disinformation. Oh, and there’s this too. Still think it’s worth having a FB profile so you can stalk your high school sweetheart? On a related note, here’s a video series on everything you need to know about Russian disinformation. Meanwhile, unidentified hackers obtain nuclear plant plans in France.

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