Under the Radar News from the Week of the Midterms


As predicted by myself to myself, the midterms aren’t really going to change a lot of things. Maybe the Russia investigation stuff will heighten, but my gut feeling is it probably won’t matter. Here, however, are some stories that will matter…

How Donald Trump should deploy the CIA against Saudi Arabia. Meanwhile, plenty of lobbyists are still deployed on behalf of Saudi Arabia. This is a good reminder of what is in our interests and what is not when it comes to the Saudis.

A CIA contractor stole a bunch of classified data by copying it into his personal notebooks. No motive has been given. Intelligence is often the practice of learning what is not commonly known. Curiosity, ego, knowledge, arrogance can be as intoxicating as recruitment by foreign entities.

In a stunning display of Clouseau-ian incompetence, CIA left itself open to Iran’s hack of the CIA’s covert communication network, compromising source operations globally. Which makes you kind of glad that the Iran sanctions are back (although with too many exceptions). Of course, Louis Farrakhan sides with Iran.

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