Under the Radar News…the Week of the Pre-Midterm Jitters


Why are people fleeing Central America? There is at least one cure, but you won’t like it.

Trump’s use of an unsecured iPhone points to a larger problem. But then, isn’t that always the way with Trump?

How operational is Iran in Denmark? As operational as they are on Facebook? Fortunately Israel remains on the case, especially in Syria.

How would Russia start an invasion of Scandanavia? What is Russia’s FSB doing to censor the internet? Is it even worth talking about? This is what happens when you try to expose their misdeeds.

China is preparing for war in the South China Sea. No word on if that also applies to Chinese tycoons in France.

China’s Uigher population, is used to being surveilledAre we?

Remember when Obama “negotiated” the release of five Taliban leaders in order to get Bowe Bergdahl back? To no one’s surprise, Taliban 5 (minus lead singer Adam Levine, of course. Sorry, resisting the temptation to do a string of Maroon 5 jokes) have joined the Taliban’s political office in Qatar. Talk about normalizing a hate group. What would Al Green say?

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