Under the Radar


Welcome back to what will hopefully continue to be a weekly round-up of stories that might have flown under your radar. But to start, I’ll try to summarize the month of March.

Are you tracking the disturbing events in Telford? If you have opinions on immigration, the UK, or the Muslim influence there, you probably should.

The most dynamic area on the globe for bad actors and nefarious influence may be Central/Eastern Africa. If you want a granular look at the problems of South Sudan, this is worth checking out. There’s also this for a look at foreign influence in South Sudan.

Western Africa, in the meantime, especially the former French colonies, continue to be plagued by Islamic extremism. Which means Western Africa is doing about as well as mainland France when it comes to Islamofacism.

From Italy to Hungary, Russian influence continues to play an outsized role. That is not new. What is new is that it is getting exposed.

Oh, and the US DoD continues to wrestle with cyber issues.

Islamofacism on the rise in Southeast Asia. Consequences already apparent.

Until next week…

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